Shieldtags is a Control System with non-visible tag coding

This application allows you to integrate Unique Identification Codes (UIC) in any tag or image.
These UICs are not easily visible to the human eye, but are readable by the cameras of mobile devices or “ad hoc” readers.

All data associated with an UIC is managed by the proprietary brand in a Dashboard designed according to the company requirements.

The user-company-code relationship is formalized through an app that can be owned by a single company, a sectoral organization or using the generic Shieldtags app

Mode of action

ShieldTags is an invisible coding system for large data analysis, source control and validation of originals, copies identification, marketing campaigns generation, etc.

The company EQUMETRICS S.L. acts as an open collaborator that personalizes projects according to needs.

Shieldtags can create individual management systems, or we can generate global or sectoral systems. We can also carry out the dashboards management, issuing alerts and warnings, periodic reports, etc.

Product Control

Production and unit identification

Internal logistics and distribution channel


Customer Experience

Purchase and Post purchase

Marketing analysis

Behavior monitoring

Elements of ShieldTags

Unique Identification Code (UIC)

They are included in a visible or not visible on any label or packaging.

  • The visible codes can be generated in QR, SQR or SQR + Guilloche
  • Non-visible codes are generated as watermarks incorporated into the image. These codes use a discretionary CYM pattern that is integrated into the JPG image. It has a minimal impact on the final aspect and it generates as many integrated UICs as images to repeat.